The body positive movement has been around since 1996 (see:  I believe the body positive movement is a two-sided coin that is both positive and negative.  From this movement, I agree that YES WE MUST LOVE WHO WE ARE, AS WE ARE, AT TIME MOMENT! However, if who we are is unhealthy, then we must make a plan to become healthy.  I am not talking strictly about the scale. While that plays a role in health, I am talking about what is happening on the inside.  (See:

I may receive hate mail for this, but that cool.  Ladies, I believe in giving to your straight.  Whether you’re a Voluptuous Beauty, Brainy Betty, Skinny Minnie, Rough Tomboy, Country Girl, City Slicker, Diva, or whatever other name you can attach to a typical stereotype, YOU CANNOT IMPACT THE WORLD IF YOU ARE SICK, EXHAUSTED, OR WORSE…DEAD!

(Side note: Yes, I am an independent Team Beachbody Coach.  While I care about developing relationships and a business, I care more about your health and wellness. Use Beachbody, use YouTube, use a local gym, use whatever you need to in order to gain the health you need.  Discuss this with your doctor first.)

There are many research studies that have linked being overweight with health problems…discuss that with your doctor.  On the inside, you need to know how your cholesterol can affect your long term health.  You should understand if you are at an increased risk for diabetes, cancer, or heart problems.  Ladies, get your annual exams (UGH! I know!).  You should know if you are at risk for an eating disorder.  You should know what your are most at risk for developing so that you can try to prevent health problems from occurring.  Only you can save your health.

I had my annual physical.  Yes, I have lost 15lbs thanks to consistent workouts and having a good friend help me get my eating habits under control.  I am still in the overweight range.  So, yes, one of my goals is to get within a normal BMI. My blood work did not come back to show as much progress.  My bad cholesterol is 15 points too high.  So I will focus on eating habits and fitness routine to drop these numbers lower.  I do my planning with my doctor because he wants me to make progress.  I go back in six months for a recheck.

I truly believe that God put you on this Earth to make an impact!  I want you to change your world.  You never know who you will have the opportunity to meet and help.  You never know what brilliant idea you may have that can change the world.  LADIES…It was a WOMAN’S (Stephanie Kwolek) invention that SAVES the lives of countless POLICE and MILITARY personnel throughout the country. (see:  I am thankful for her invention because my husband is military!

I believe everyone of you reading this post are beautiful in an unadulterated, photoshopped way.  You possess true beauty in the form of the way that God created you and in your heart.  True beauty is found in the heart. I believe you are capable of so much impact. I can never travel to certain areas but you are located in an area where you can be a positive influence. I believe you can be a blessing to many people in your area. You can be a friend to the friendless, you can help the homeless or the elderly, you can run a clothing or school supplies drive for needy children.  You can do so much! Don’t let poor health hold you back.

Food addiction is real.  Emotional eating is real. Body hate is real. Fat shaming is real. Skinny shaming is real. (Yes, a skinny person can be highly unhealthy on the inside.)  Negativity is all too real.

Body positivity in my book is loving yourself enough to be healthy based on what your doctor says you need to be.  You can be healthy and curvy.  You can be skinny and healthy.  You can be anything in between and be healthy.

Yes, you can be body positive and seek to get healthy.  Why? Because it take self-love to be body positive and it takes self-love to get healthy.  I know that you can do anything you set your mind to accomplish.  I know this without meeting you because I know that as a female, we can rise above our circumstances.  I pray each person who reads this takes a good look in the mirror, smiles, and tells themselves “I love you enough to take care of you.”