Our family will be leaving CC for the next two years. This came about through much prayer.  My husband is being stationed overseas for the next 2 years.  Due to health concerns of our daughter and my dad’s poor health, our family decided (in true homeschool fashion: pro-con lists on a whiteboard) that moving back near family is best for all.  The area is a rural community in the Ozarks.  The nearest CC campus is 35 miles away (70 miles round trip).  This would not be feasible for our schedule. 

Additionally, being part of a community would restrict our travel time to visit my husband overseas and his time to be with us when he is visiting us.  (During the times when he comes to visit us, we will not be doing any school work.)  It saddens us to come to this conclusion; however, we will be following the majority of the CC Challenge program independently.  I will be using several of the same curricula with others added in based on my children’s choices.  So we are not leaving CC due to anything CC related or negative about CC but due to family needs.