Due to the Coronavirus, I had to stop providing Dyslexia Therapy. I have a family member who I help take care of and that person’s health cannot be compromised with a risk of me carrying COVID-19 home.

When schools closed, I went from homeschooling 3 children to homeschooling 3 children and public school at home for 4 children. Yep, that’s 7 kids total daily. They are great kids. A difficult part has been feeding teenagers; they never stop eating! Another difficult part has been rainy days. While they love to play video games, when it’s raining and they don’t have the option to play outside, the day gets long.

During this time, I have been reviewing my dyslexia therapist training until I can resume therapy sessions. I have read books that are required for my CALT certification. It’s not been all work and no play. I have also enjoyed spending time reading for enjoyment.