Dyslexia Therapy

Dyslexia therapy is provided using a systematic, explicit, and multisensory approach to literacy instruction. I am in my first year of CALT certification. For more information about CALT, please visit here. However, as a mother of children who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia, I understand the struggles a parent and child encounters.

The program I use is Take Flight. This program was developed by the Scottish Rite. It focuses on reading, spelling, cursive writing, and reading comprehension. Instruction is provided in a systematically, explicitly, and using multisensory methods. For more information about Take Flight, please visit the Scottish Rite’s website.

The number of sessions required each week depends upon the needs of the individual child. Some children who have severe dyslexia will need more sessions and time on each topic, which could be split between two sessions. Some children who have less severe dyslexia may not require as many sessions.

  • School year: Services are provided in home in the afternoons and evenings
  • Summer: Services are provided during the day, afternoons, and evenings


All sessions on hold at this time.

For information please email me at teacherbridgette (at) oneuniquemom.com