I have designed an Astronomy 3-part card set to give away. The set is designed to follow along with Apologia science but works well with alone or with other science curricula. There are 21 control cards, 21 picture cards, and 21 label cards. If you have never used a Montessori style approach to education, this is a simple beginning that turns learning into a game. My youngest son is 4 years old and just learning to read. By “playing” with this cards, he is learning word recognition and the ability to match the same words/phrases. My older children will use the cards to put the planets, and dwarf planets, into the correct order along with other activities.


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You can print these on cardstock then laminate them or print them on printer paper then back them with color coded cardstock. (In true Montessori style, everything is color coded.) Personally, I don’t color code (YET), I am still learning and beginning my Montessori journey that is also mixed with a couple of other teaching philosophies.

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Montessori Print Shop is a WONDERFUL resource.

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