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I know many of you are now having to teach at home. I want to share with you the writing program with have been using with our kids: Institute for Excellence in Writing. This program works with all ranges of abilities. It has been a life changer for my dyslexic and dysgraphic children. My child who is an excellent writer has experienced growth with this program.

IEW has options for homeschool and traditional school.

Dear Teachers and Parents,

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a great deal of upheaval and uncertainty in people’s lives. As we all strive to care for each other and navigate through this difficult time, we at IEW hope to help.

In response to the interruption of classroom instruction, we have pulled together some of our best resources to provide you with a free, completely digital, three-week program of English language arts instruction, which you can utilize to allow your students to continue learning while away from their classrooms.