To help balance my workload and the kids work, I had to get creative with homeschool planning. Usually, we unschool or have all hands on learning experiences. This week we are mixing it up. 

Day 1: Day off school. 

As a rule, if daddy is home the kids have the day off school and we make up for it on weekends when he is gone. He’s active duty military which requires him to be gone for training at times. So to make up for time missed or will be missed, the kids get a free day with dad. 

Day 2: I had planned for some STEM and STEAM activities for today but we have been interrupted by fun weather closures…SNOW!!!

Yes, we stop lessons for fun. However, is it really all fun? The kids came in to yell mom it’s packing snow! They have been able to identify the density of snow that will allow for proper snowball fights, snow forts, and snowmen. The youngest, Spike, is intrigued by different size snowflakes, which will lead him to find out why there’s a difference later on. (He’s my curious one.)  Mighty Man is wanted to shovel snow for money… entrepreneurial skills. Princess is staring at the trees and landscape noting how pretty it looks; she’s the art lover. 

Of course, it’s a lot of fun!