There is nothing more annoying that working out only to find out that you have only lost 4 pounds.  Seriously, what is going on!  I’m killing myself to be able to lose weight!  I had to measure myself for my weekly check.  Oh, that makes sense…I’m losing inches.  I don’t feel so bad now.

One thing my husband has been telling me repeatedly is that progress takes time.  It’s not going to happen easily or quickly.  ERR!  Easy for him to say; he’s a soldier.  He’s already in shape and drops weight quickly.  Of course, he does PT an hour every morning, eats healthier than me, and he works out at home.  Even though I get frustrated with his ease of weight loss, he’s got my back and is rooting for me.

Here are the tips I received from my soldier:

  • Don’t weight often; it can frustrate you and cause you to give up
  • Check your measurements at set intervals
  • Eat healthy
  • Find a workout plan that works best for your needs
  • Visit your doctor first before starting a workout
  • Know your limits, especially if you have or have had an injury
  • When you think you can’t go anymore, give it just one more
  • Do NOT give up when your results are not what you expected
  • Find internal motivation