The previous name of the blog was Homeschooling Passion. However, that title only focused on one aspect of my life…homeschooling.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!!! Trust me my dissertation would not be in the area of homeschooling if it wasn’t for my love of homeschooling. 

But I’m more than a homeschool mom.  

Come on, Mom. You know that feeling you have when life is just going crazy and you feel as if you will only be known as that “insert type” mom.  

Yep, I had one of those moments in the middle of my kids having a meltdown, my husband was out of town, I needed to write a blog post, and I had homework staring at me from across the room… (Seriously, I swear my statistics books has eyes and just torments me. Yes, I embrace sarcasm as a way to deal with stress and enjoy my wild imagination. I’m not crazy unless the kids are the reason behind it.)

I couldn’t find a homeschool topic to write about because I was not in the mood to write about homeschooling. I had tried ahomemaking blog when the kids were babies but I even got tired of that topic.    That’s when I decided I needed to rebrand my blog into something more. More because I’m more than one thing that I do.  

I’m a homeschooling mom, doctoral student, military spouse, education advocate, and a work at home mom. I have many interests…cooking, health, crafts, hunting, shooting sports, books, fun games, sewing, outdoor activities, hiking, science nerd, comics, and more. 

When I decided to rebrand, it took me weeks to rename the blog. I remember trying to come up with names while I was sitting on flights, in hotel rooms, traveling, and sitting up late at night. It seemed as if every cool and catchy name that I came up with were taken or too close to someone else’s. 

I wanted to emphasize that I was not your average mom…how many other homeschool moms decide to start back to college when their oldest is only in first grade. How many homeschool moms decide to take their own education to the highest level while still teaching elementary ages?  

It took a long time and playing with synonyms to get the perfect name. I even reached out to other bloggers on Facebook groups. I wanted to stand out as someone who was totally unique. That’s when I tried One Unique Mom for URLs, Social Media sites and more. It was free on all ends. BAM! I found my name.